Photoshoots take place on Saturdays & Sundays between 10am & 6pm
If you’d like your photoshoot outside of these times (ie. for sunset photos) please state in contact form.

Starting from $75

Home Visit Session

Perfect for animals that enjoy lazying around!
Home and/or Garden.
Dogs, Cats & Rabbits
2 Pets
Each additional pet will cost €15 extra
No more than 5 pets per session.
Up to 2 hours
Up to 20 images
Lo-res images for Web
Hi-res images on USB

Starting from $100

On Location Session

Perfect for dogs that aren’t likely to sit still!
One Location of your choice.
(Somewhere your pet is familiar with)
2 pets
Each additional pet will cost €15 extra
No more than 5 pets per session.
Up to 3 hours on location
Up to 20 images
Lo-res images for Web
Hi-res images on USB

Starting from $50

Small & Exotic Session

Home Visit Photoshoot Only
This category includes:
Small Rodents, Reptiles, Birds, Ferrets, etc.
No more than 5 pets per session.
Up to 2 hours
Up to 20 images
Lo-res images for web
Hi-res images on USB

Starting from $150

Owner & Pet Session

At home or on Location.
Up to 2 Pets & (2) Owner(s)
Each additional pet and person will cost €15 extra
Up to 3 hours
Up to 10 images
Lo-res images for web
Hi-res images on USB
One print of your choice 8×10

Before the session.

I’ll be in contact with you frequently before your photoshoot, I will ask you about your pet(s), their personality, a simple picture of them and what you’d like from the shoot. This way, we’ll have a rough idea for our plan of action on the day.
3 days before the photoshoot I’ll contact you to confirm our discussed day, time and location of our photoshoot.

For at home shoots I ask that any dogs are walked / played with before our session and that cats are kept indoors – so they don’t go wandering off.
Make sure you have your pet’s favorite treats on in stock and that their favorite toy is at hand.
It’s important that your pet has plenty of space to roam around the house, make sure any spots they like to sit/sleep are clear of any clutter.

My pet doesn’t know tricks or how to stay still, will this be a problem?

If you have an energetic pet it’s good to tire them out a little with some playtime before we arrive, that way they’ll settle faster into the photoshoot, but we can also use this to our advantage to get some awesome photographs of your pet during playtime!
Food and toys are your best friends on photoshoots! They help grab your pet’s attention, even if for a split second! Make sure you have lots of tasty and healthy treats at hand!
If you have a very shy animal, I also bring a telephoto lens so I can stand further back and not stress out your pet.

What to expect on the day.

Whether a home shoot or an on location shoot, I’ll be trying to get there at least 10 minutes early! This way, I can get all my equipment ready before the session starts.
With me I’ll have my assistant who will help with equipment, setting up of lights (if needed), helping with keeping us organised and on time!
Before our photographs begin, we’ll have a chat again about the things we talked about prior to the day, making sure everything is understood.
I’d also introduce myself to the pet(s) with a favorite treat of theirs to help keep them at ease.
We need the pet to be completely comfortable before the photoshoot begins – so keeping them relaxed and calm is our main goal.
Once they are at ease, the photoshoot can begin.

If we are doing a house visit, the rooms in which we’ll be photographing in need to be prepared prior to the shoot, the less clutter the more the pet(s) will stand out and the more beautiful the image. Natural light is preferred but lights can be set up if needed.
If we are shooting in the back garden, the area also needs to be prepared before we arrived, so we can start photographing as soon as possible.

When the photoshoot is on location, we’ll start out the same way as we would with a home visit photoshoot, but as we know going outside for dogs is a terribly exciting thing, so before our photoshoot begins I’ll let you and your dog get some energy out through play. Once the dog has started calmed down, our photographs can begin. These will include photos of play and poses.

I’m not sure which plan to go for?

Our in home visits are great for lazy names, that aren’t fussed about people being in their house! Animals that know basic tricks, commands and are good at paying attention to their owners are great for this sort of photoshoot!
If you’ve a bunny and you’d like an outdoor shoot, setting up a rabbit-safe area in the garden is a great way to get stunning shots of them exploring nature!

If you have a dog is a little more active, the on location shoot is a fantastic option to take some energy out of your dog, whilst getting some beautiful shots of them out in nature! It’s best to go to a location that they are familiar with already for this shoot. Bringing a toy to this shoot will not only help out with energy levels but will also make for some amazing action shots of your pet at play!

Want to photograph your rats, mice, hamster, hedgehog snake, lizard, frog or ferrets (just to name a few)? The Small & Exotic session is perfect for you! Some people may not understand these animals or why some people choose to keep them as pets, but here we view every animal as equal and no matter how small – or slimy your pet is, we’ll photograph it!

If you’d like a more professional portrait of you and your pet, the Owner & Pet session is perfect for you! This is a specialty package that really focuses on your bond together and creates beautiful, frame-able photographs for around your home or office.

When can I expect my images & how do I get them?

Images may take up to a week to edit.
We have a client password protected area built into the website, a selection of the client’s best images will be uploaded and the client can pick and choose which images they’d like to keep.
Once the images are picked, I send an email with the selected images in a low-res format to the client and place the high-res images onto a USB, this can either be posted or collected depending on the clients wishes.
Images will only be sent once full payment is complete.

I wasn’t happy with my selection of images!

If, for any reason you are not satisfied with the images provided I will either refund you your money or you can arrange another photoshoot, free of charge.
If you decide you do not want the images taken, they may still be uploaded to my portfolio if I see them fit to be.
You will not receive any of the images from that first photoshoot.

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