Details Near The Water

July 16th 2019

I always have loved the beach, the smell of sea air lingering as you pace across the sand, the tiny shells hidden like treasures amongst pretty patterned pebbles – sparkling in the sun’s light. Everything seems so calm here… even in the worst of weathers.

I used the think the sea called me, that standing at it’s edge would somehow wash away my fears, regrets, that chasing waves would cleanse me. It’s silly to think back on now, but I used to spend hours on my own at the seaside; just watching the water tumble and fall over itself, again and again. As I sat and watched the water sway seaweed back and forth, gently turn the sand at the shore and waves crash into the rocks along the edge of a cliff, I can’t help but contemplate how something so dangerous can be so beautiful.

My earliest memory of the sea was childhood holiday’s to Wales… my grandparents always used to take us to the seaside.
We used to run around, make sand castles and swim in the sea. I still have a pretty vivid memory of a crab nipping my toe as I tippy toe’d through the water trying to catch up with my sister and some friend’s she’d made.. they were much taller than me at the time and I couldn’t fight the current… I returned to the sand sulking; not because a crab had pinched me but because I wanted to be further out at sea, with them.

On our walk around Brittas Bay, I tried to stop and take in my surroundings, like I would anywhere… I’m more drawn to photographing the sea, I could spend hours photographing the waves… and in the past I have, but I also enjoy wandering around and capturing those smaller details.
We got lucky during the days we visited Brittas because it was warm and sunny, but quite vacant of people (it’s not known for being all that empty), so we were able to stroll and take our time without getting in anyone’s way.

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